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  • Bye Bye Bilangbilangan

    Jul 11, 2024

    De Groene Amsterdammer, July 2024

  • Tides of Trouble

    Jul 9, 2024

    Philippines – Bilangbilangan is one of the places on earth where the future of sea level rise is clearly visible. Living on this island is living on the front lines of the climate crisis.

  • How long will there be melt water?

    Mar 19, 2024

    De Groene Amsterdammer, March 2024

  • No life without the glacier

    Feb 27, 2024

    Peru – The Quechua are living on the frontlines of the climate crisis. Rising temperatures affect nature and the fragile ecosystem. Drought in particular causes a lack of food for the alpacas they keep.

  • When the once green grass withers away

    Sep 15, 2023

    Mongolia – For centuries, the Khalkha nomads have lived on the plateau of Tuul Goliin Hundii, where they graze their horses, cattle, goats and sheep. But how much longer will the grass grow here?